Saturday, March 5, 2011

~ Materials: Origamis ~

If you really want to make good origamis I can give a few advices on the type of paper you might want to use:

-Origami Paper, it’s the best you can get, but expensive.

-Gift Paper, it’s really useful, but it cannot be any type of paper, it has to be the one with a brown 

color on the back. Maybe the clerk at the store will think you just went bananas when asking for this,

but it really exists and that’s the one you need for your Origami. Normally the back part of the  

wrapping paper is white.

I usually advice people to use this type of papers because they’re easily to fold and to handle. So

when it comes to the folding part of the origami, the paper won’t have wrinkles all over it.

Once you have the paper part covered, you’d need to cut in these three sizes:

6″ x 6″
7″ x 7″
8″ x 8″
Origami so easy.If you keep practicing and do it.
What's more important are it's very fun and can make you feel happy.
So, what are you waiting for...
Star do it now !!
I'm so excited...


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